Samreedhi Goel, Founder, Sizewise health studio
Samreedhi Goel - Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Fitness Columnist

Hi, i am Samreedhi Goel. I am a Nutritionist, 
Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness columnist.


I have a Bsc Nutrition and P.G Diploma in Nutrition
and food technology
from SNDT Mumbai.

Dieting is about options, not restrictions

I have been customizing diets and helping people
achieve their goal weight from the last 16 years.

I have been interviwed by and written countless
fitness columns for most leading publications both
National & International.

I am also the consulting Nutritionist for Kellogg India.

Samreedhi Goel prescribes a zig zag diet, the basis of which is carb cycling which is a diet plan that has a mix of high carb & low carb days.

So you eat many of the things you love, you don’t have to stay carb free, you have great energy levels AND you lose all the weight you want to without starvation within a reasonable timeline!

The diet is based on your normal food habits & preferences. You will be eating meals at regular intervals and cooking your meals too will be as per your lifestyle with no expensive or unheard of ingredients. Its easy, its simple and its food you are happy to eat.

Have energy rich diet
Size Wise is a specialized Fitness studio based In Santa
Cruz West founded in 1999 by Nutritionist & Fitness
expert Samreedhi Goel.
Feel good, look good

Since then Samreedhi Goel’s personalized Diets & Customized workout plans have helped thousands of people achieve not just their fitness goals, but also the body of their dreams in a practical and healthy manner.

At Size Wise we cater to people from all walks of life from industrialists, corporates, socialites, celebrities, doctors, sports persons to teenagers, new mothers and even people with various health conditions or injuries.

So if you are looking at achieveing your fitness goals the healthy way, drop in at Size Wise, we assure you it will be worth your while!

Eating balanced meals that take care of your nutrient intake is the key to losing
weight the right way.

You need Samreedhi’s diet for:

Diet for weight loss
Sizewise diet for your health
Sizewise diet for weight gain
Pre-pregnancy diet from Sizewise health studio
Sizewise diet for a heathy lifestyle
Post pregnancy weight loss with sizewise health studio

The aim of our workouts is to make exercising fun and give you a new challenge every 4
weeks. We always take into account any injuries or health problems before we plan your
exercise chart. Our workouts are a great mix of Functional training, TRX, Core strengthening,
Weight training and Body weight exercises.

You need to workout at Size Wise for:

Personal training at Sizewise
Injury care at Sizewise
Weight loss and toning at Sizewise
Workout to improve strength
Train right, stay strong
If you live away from Mumbai and still wish to consult Samreedhi
for a diet plan just drop us a line at
Email Sizewise at
Online consultation form from Sizewise, Mumbai
7 day diet plan from Samreedhi Goel
Online monitoring of diet plan by Sizewise
Get personalized diet chart at Sizewise, Mumbai
5. The diet is tweaked on a weekly basis based on your weight loss
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It’s a great place for weight loss… I wanted to lose weight
for my marriage and in 3 months I could achieve my target
with very healthy diet and exercise… End of 3 months I had
a great body with glowing skin and lot of energy…
Samreedhi @ Size Wise is one if the best result oriented
Nutritionist/Trainers in the Country!
You have to meet this lady to believe how she can
transform you from fat to fit.
This is my favourite place of the day ..From a gym fearing to
a gym loving person ..All the credit to everyone at size
wise.. Thanks for the super amazing transformation
making me fall in love with myself and fitness!! 🙂
Its not just about looking good its about feeling good is
what Samreedhi has taught me.
A place where your weight, excercise regime and eating
habits are personally monitored. A diet plan which is so
easy to follow especially even if they are foodies like myself.